Stitching Botanicals

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  1. Blogiau'r Ardd

    Basil the Eastern Barred Bandicoot

    A new creature has arrived found a home the Great Glasshouse

    Darllen rhagor
  2. Blogiau'r Ardd

    Science team at the Welsh Beekeeping Convention

    Recently the Science team enjoyed a trip out from the lab and headed to the Welsh Beekeepers’ Association Convention at the showground in Builth Wells.

    Darllen rhagor
  3. Blogiau'r Ardd

    Garden textile artist handcrafts national award

    Has an artwork like this been created before?

    Darllen rhagor
  4. Blogiau'r Ardd

    Rhaglen Oriel yr Ardd 2017

    Mae gennym raglen amrywiol o arddangosfeydd o ansawdd uchel yn Oriel yr Ardd am 2017

    Darllen rhagor
  5. Blogiau'r Ardd

    Welcome back Stitching Botanicals

    By popular demand, this inspirational and informative exhibition on medicinal plants is back on public view

    Darllen rhagor
  6. Blogiau'r Ardd

    The Stitching Botanicals’ Secret Garden

    Here at the Garden (the definite article, you might say), we’ve got quite a few different ‘gardens’. The Double Walled Garden, the Japanese Garden, the Apothecary’s Garden… and now we have a Secret Garden.

    Darllen rhagor