medicinal plants

Hidlo rhestr

  1. Blogiau'r Ardd

    No rose goblets here

    Pruning out dead, diseased and damage material is always a must with any pruning, but a rose doesn’t have to be a goblet. The framework of roses are prompting many questions from visitors.

    Darllen rhagor
  2. Blogiau'r Ardd

    Bargain Hunt for Henbane

    I’ve just pieced together a link between the murderer Dr Crippen and our Apothecary’s Hall

    Darllen rhagor
  3. Blogiau'r Ardd

    Cyhydnos y Gwanwyn – Mawrth 20fed

    Mae’r gwanwyn wedi cyrraedd o’r diwedd!

    Darllen rhagor
  4. Blogiau'r Ardd

    Welcome back Stitching Botanicals

    By popular demand, this inspirational and informative exhibition on medicinal plants is back on public view

    Darllen rhagor
  5. Blogiau'r Ardd

    The legend of the Lady of the Lake demystified

    As a result of my recent work on the Physicians of Myddfai, I have become curious about the significance of legends involving fairies and the role they occupy in the ancient culture of Wales.

    Darllen rhagor
  6. Blogiau'r Ardd

    The Physicians of Myddfai revisited

    I have been using the Garden’s library to get a clearer picture of the work of the apothecary and have been pleased to rediscover the story of the Physicians of Myddfai

    Darllen rhagor