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  1. Blogiau'r Ardd

    A Microscopic Look at Honeybees

    A honeybee’s body has fascinated our industrial placement student Grace Skinner

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    From eight to (nearly) eight hundred: an update on honey sampling from around the UK

    Laura Jones, a PhD researcher at the Garden, asked for honey samples from beekeepers around the UK. Here’s a run down on the labwork so far.

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    Science team at the Welsh Beekeeping Convention

    Recently the Science team enjoyed a trip out from the lab and headed to the Welsh Beekeepers’ Association Convention at the showground in Builth Wells.

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    Honey bees like living close to the hedge – it’s official!

    The Garden’s Science team has been investigating our honey bees’ preferred plants.

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    Science team out and about

    Mae’r cofnod blog hwn dim ond ar gael mewn Saesneg Prydain. Ewch i gofnodion blog diweddaraf yn Gymraeg.

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    You are what you eat: our ongoing honey bee research

    The Garden is using its hives and vast horticultural resource to investigate the foraging preferences of honey bees.

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