Bob Edwards

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  1. Blogiau'r Ardd

    Apothecary Anecdotes: Doctor Quicksilver, a castaway and an English pub with a Welsh name

    Our Apothecary’s Hall volunteer Bob begins a rich treasure trove of stories about our medicinal collections

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  2. Blogiau'r Ardd

    Apothecary Anecdotes: Ukuleles and a Ghost

    We get some interesting donations to our Apothecary Hall

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  3. Blogiau'r Ardd

    Bargain Hunt for Henbane

    I’ve just pieced together a link between the murderer Dr Crippen and our Apothecary’s Hall

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  4. Blogiau'r Ardd

    Smelling Frankincense

    I’ve been burning and sniffing crystals of frankincense and myrrh for a Christmas talk

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