Magali Nougarede

Preswyliad flora i Artistiaid

As part of the wider flora exhibition project originated by Oriel Davies we invite professional artists working across any medium from Wales and further afield to apply for a residency taking place at the acclaimed and unique setting of the National Botanic Garden of Wales, Carmarthenshire from October 2015. We are looking for an artist with an established practice and a demonstrable practice profile who has specific interest in exploring the work and natural resources of the Garden as appropriate to the context of the flora exhibition project. The artist will be selected on the basis of the originality of their approach to the residency, enthusiasm and curiosity for the Garden and its work, and their wish to extend their practice in this context.

Magali Nougarède is a French born photographer, artist and lecturer who graduated from a BA (Hons) degree in Photography from the University of Brighton in 1996. Over the years she has deliberately worked across varied areas of practice undertaking cultural, commercial and educational projects and exhibiting her work throughout Europe and the USA. At the core of her activities is the development of personal bodies of work. Key works include ‘Toeing The Line’ (2000, a Photoworks publication) and ‘Crossing The Line’ (2003-2005, a Ffotogallery, Cardiff show co-produced by Photoworks). Through the use of close-up framing to photograph strangers encountered in the street, these works juxtapose two generations, the elderly and the young, resulting in semi-abstract portraits that home in on personal details of clothing and body language as cultural signifiers. ‘Photographic Tea Towels’ (2011 – 2014) consists in a collection of photographic experiments, that attempts to draw together different spheres of experience: domesticity and the work place, the interior and the exterior, the private and the public. As a starting point deadpan black and white photographs were made, using a large format 5×4 camera, of gridded tea towels from the artist’s childhood home, which were then transformed through various acts of enlargement, folding, cutting, hanging and framing. The works exploit the rich visual potential that these understated lines and gridded patterns hold through the dual evocation of domesticity and modernist geometric pattern. In September 2015 Magali Nougarede was awarded an Artist Residency at the National Botanic Garden of Wales (Sep15 – July 16) as part of the ‘flora’ project, curated by Oriel Davies Gallery based in Newtown, Wales ( A long time gardener and continually striving to explore interdisciplinary practices Nougarède’s current interest lie in bringing horticulture and art together with a view to explore the possibilities held within gardening as a political activity. She is a full time Senior Lecturer on the BA (Hons) Photography Art at the University of Southwales and a member of its European Centre for Photographic Research (eCPR). Her work is represented by the picture agency and online gallery Millennium Images